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Find the latest news and press releases about Heidelberg University Hospital in Germany and learn more about our medical departments, our state-of-the-art technology or new treatment options in Heidelberg.

  • Precision through laparoscopic 3D images


    Heidelberg University Women’s Hospital uses a new 3D video laparoscopy system in keyhole surgery and offers surgery courses for physicians.

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  • Heidelberg Pancreas Center leads globally


    Treatment and research of pancreatic diseases on a constantly high level: Surgery Center repeatedly certified as a “Center of Excellence for Surgical Diseases of the Pancreas”.

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  • 125 Years of Brain Surgery in Heidelberg

    Klinik | 18.11.2015

    Today, the neurosurgical department at Heidelberg University Hospital is one of the leading neurosurgical departments in Europe. Why? Read more in the full article!

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  • Heidelberg expands ion beam therapy


    As of October, ion beam therapy at Heidelberg has been reinforced by the Marburg Ion Beam Therapy Center (MIT). Patients benefit from both locations.

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  • New building for a major German lung clinic


    The new Thoraxklinik building in Heidelberg comprises a tract of four operating rooms with the latest technical equipment, ...

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