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Center for Orthopaedics, Trauma Surgery and Spinal Cord Injury

Largest Orthopaedic Hospital in Germany

Life is movement – that is the motto of the Heidelberg Orthopaedic Hospital. This goal is pursued through conservative orthopaedics, a high level of precision in larger or smaller operations and through technical orthopaedics. The Heidelberg University Orthopaedic Hospital is the largest facility of its kind at a single location in Germany. Each year, we conduct over 6,000 inpatient and more than 50,000 outpatient treatments, covering the entire spectrum of diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system. Also patients with severe and highly complex diseases find experienced physicians for their care - Orthopaedics in Heidelberg overall treat cases with the highest degree of severity all of Germany.

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Individual Solutions Rather Than Off-The-Shelf Treatments

Specialist teams of highly competent and experienced doctors, nursing staff, physical therapists and occupational therapists work day by day to design and implement the optimal treatment for each individual patient. Medical treatment is optimally complemented by the Technical Orthopedics Department, our in-house orthopedic workshop for manufacturing prostheses (arm/hand and leg/foot), orthotics and bandages. Also complex orthopedic problems find appropriate solutions here.

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Our experienced specialists offer online consultations for international patients, who seek an independent second opinion regarding joint replacement, arthroscopic joint surgery, spine surgery, bone cancer and soft tissue sarcomas, spinal cord injuries, shoulder surgery, pediatric orthopaedics, foot surgery, hand and elbow surgery, trauma and reconstructive surgery, sports orthopedics, and prostheses/support systems.

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