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Thousands of patients with various diseases from around the world seek treatment in Heidelberg.

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Interdisciplinary case discusion (tumor board) at the National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT) Heidelberg

Outstanding competence in cancer treatment

Experienced specialists from various departments develop an individual therapy plan during a so called tumor board.

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Four physicians discussing in Hallway at Heidelberg University Hospital

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International patient can submit their documents online.

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International Patients

Heidelberg University Hospital

Heidelberg University Hospital offers inpatients and outpatients an innovative and effective diagnosis and therapy for all complex diseases. Modern buildings with state-of-the-art equipment enable patients from all over Germany and many other countries to receive medical care that meets the highest international standards. The proximity and interlinking of the specialist departments benefit the patient: interdisciplinary cooperation ensures optimal treatment. 

Progress and innovation are essential for promising medical treatment. Hundreds of doctors and scientists at Heidelberg University Hospital and its partner research institutes, such as the world-renowned German Cancer Research Center, pursue a common aim: the development of new forms of therapy and their quick implementation for the benefit of the patient.

Attention - Corona Virus Update!

Status Dec 01, 2021

Due to the current development of the Covid-19 pandemic situation appointments for elective treatments of international patients can not be made until further notice.

International Office

Our International Office is a special service for patients from abroad. The team of the International Office takes on the administrative support of international patients before, during and after their stay at Heidelberg University Hospital. Personal, cultural and religious needs are our top priorities. As physicians and nurses from different countries and with international experience work for us, it is often possible for us to communicate with our foreign patients in their mother tongue. If needed, we collaborate with experienced and certified interpreters.

High-end Medicine and Medical Practicioners

Benefit from interdisciplinary, latest medical knowledge and equipment

World-renowned medical professionals practice medicine at Heidelberg University Hospital, many of whom are among the leading experts in their fields internationally. All our experts have extensive experience, particularly when it comes to treating rare and severe illnesses. To ensure the most up-to-date treatments in line with the latest scientific finding, all our doctors are scientifically active, conducting research to develop new methods and improve existing methods. Our specialists are well versed with the latest techniques and have the needed expertise to employ the cutting-edge medical technology.

Your First Class Full Service

We will make your stay as pleasant as possible

All patient rooms are modern and pleasant single and double rooms. Individual accommodation requirements (single room) will be considered as far as possible by agreement with the treating department. In exceptional cases we can arrange to accomodate an escort in the patient room. Our patients and escorts have the choice of three or more menus every day including vegetarian and halal choices. If your state of health necessitates a special diet, we would be pleased to take them into consideration. Christian services are held regularly in the chapels attached to the hospital and a prayer room on the hospital grounds is available for Muslim patients.

Medical Treatments

Heidelberg University Hospital is one of the most modern hospitals in Europe and offers almost all possible treatments for common and rare diseases. We ensure ideal conditions for cutting-edge medicine on an international level for the benefit of our patients. Each year, around 27000 patients from around the world receive treatment in Heidelberg. Below you will find a selection of our medical services and all necessary information concerning treatments. Please contact us if you have questions or if the treatment you are seeking is not listed.

  • 1047493

    outpatient visits
  • 60643

    inpatient patients
  • 11300

    employees including 1,800 professors and doctors
  • 50

    clinical specialist departments
  • 1131

    patients from abroad
  • 1991


Video: World Class Oncology

at Heidelberg University Hospital

World Class Oncology - Film | Heidelberg University Hospital
World Class Oncology - Film | Heidelberg University Hospital

Latest News

At Heidelberg University Hospital

  • Prof. Dr. Andreas von Deimling is researching new methods for the precise diagnosis of brain tumors
    International Prize for Translational Neuroscience 2021

    | 28.09.2021

    Clinical Cancer Research - International Prize for Translational Neuroscience 2021.

    Heidelberg University Hospital - High-Precision marking Bain Tumors. Prof. Dr. Andreas von Deimling is researching new methods for the precise diagnosis of brain tumors...

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  • Treating Cancer with Ion Beam Therapy Award for Scientific and Technical Director at HIT

    | 16.07.2021

    European Physical Society (EPS) awarded the IBA-Europhysics Prize to Prof. Thomas Haberer for his scientific and technical contribution in the development of Heidelberg Ion Beam Therapy Center. The treatment with Ion radiation more precis, more effective than...

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  • a pioneer in the treatment of pancreatic cancer
    Clinical Cancer Research - German Cancer Award 2021

    | 16.06.2021

    German Cancer Award 2021 for Prof. Markus Büchler as a pioneer in the treatment of pancreatic cancer. The award ceremony has been broadcasted live from the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities for the interested public / Büchler honoured as a pioneer in the treatment of pancreatic cancer...

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for International Patients

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