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Diseases &… Childhood Pediatric Surgery

Division of Pediatric Surgery

at Heidelberg University Hospital

Pediatric Surgery at the Department of Surgery at Heidelberg University Hospital is one of the oldest university pediatric surgery departments in Germany, meaning you will benefit from our vast experience, modern treatment methods, and a child and parent-friendly environment that contributes substantially to the healing process.

In addition, Pediatric Surgery in Heidelberg has been awarded the “Ausgezeichnet. Für Kinder” seal of quality from the Association of Pediatric Hospitals and Pediatric Departments in Germany (GKinD). This seal certifies that the division provides excellent comprehensive care to its patients.

Portrait von Prof. Dr. med Patrick Günther
Prof. Dr. med. Patrick Günther

The Division of Pediatric Surgery in Heidelberg has 20 beds, including 2 beds in the intensive care unit, and provides a full range of surgical treatment on an inpatient and outpatient basis to children of all ages – from the unborn child, to premature and newborn infants, to 16-year-olds. Every year, our specially trained pediatric surgeons operate on more than 1,400 children.

Highly specialized surgical treatment and rehabilitation is the basis for our patients’ further lifelong development. Treatment and rehabilitation must be adapted to the specific needs of young patients - keeping in mind the specific requirements of the growing organism and the foreseeable long-term consequences - and to the special situation of the whole family.

We specialize in

  • Premature infant and neonatal surgery. Our pediatric surgeons work closely with experts from the perinatal center, neonatologists, and pediatric anesthesiologists from the university hospital to treat children with congenital malformations
  • Bowel function disorders (e.g., Hirschsprung’s disease)
  • Tumors in childhood,
  • Hemangiomas (using cryotherapy, various laser therapies, propanolol therapy, surgical excision),
  • Pediatric traumatology,
  • Pediatric urological surgery, 
  • Intersex and adrenogenital syndrome,
  • Minimally invasive pediatric surgery.

Research & Innovation

In our internationally acclaimed research studies, we work continuously to improve treatment options, for example, in a joint project between the divisions of Pediatric Surgery and Pediatric Radiology in Heidelberg. We have developed special 3D visualization software that facilitates operation planning and makes it more precise so complications can be avoided. This software uses MRI data; a CT scan and the subsequent exposure to radiation is only necessary in special cases.

In addition, we are continually designing and carrying out multi-center clinical studies in cooperation with the Institute for Clinical Research at the University of Heidelberg.

Contact & stay

In Heidelberg, our pediatric surgery team covers all of these areas around the clock.One parent can be admitted with the sick child. If you have any questions about pediatric surgery in relation to an illness or hospital stay, or would like to obtain a second opinion, please do not hesitate to contact us, either through the International Office or by email to