Pregnancy and gynecological diseases

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Pregnancy and Gynecological Diseases

Life Long Care for Women

Treatments for infertility, the diagnosis and treatment of the unborn child and obstetrical care are performed with great care at Heidelberg University Hospital. For patients with non-malignant and malignant diseases the full spectrum of modern treatment options is available.

Maximum Care Center and Certified Breast Center

The hospital, with its individual sections and specialized consultation offerings, is a maximum care center. Surgical, drug, complementary natural healing and interdisciplinary treatment concepts are all available to our patients through specially trained physicians. Our extensive experience and commitment to the highest possible quality standards become clear, for example, in our treatment of breast cancer patients. The Heidelberg Breast Center, with 600 women treated per year, is one of the largest centers in Germany. It is also accredited by national institutions and according to international guidelines.

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