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Diseases &… Heart & Vascular Heart Surgery

Department of Cardiac Surgery

at Heidelberg University Hospital

Heart disorders place a great burden on patients and their families. In order to provide optimal care at our department, we offer you

  • a therapy concept that has been adapted to the individual,
  • surgical methods representing the most highly advanced medical technologies,
  • comprehensive research towards further improvement in medical care,
  • and highly qualified and friendly staff.

We perform more than 2,500 surgeries each year in the 5 operating rooms at our hospital. For the best possible care of our patients, we have a total of 60 beds for adult heart surgery, 16 of which are in the intensive care unit, 14 in the intermediate care unit, and 30 in the regular treatment unit.

Interdisciplinary collaboration among our experienced specialists and the most modern medical devices ensure a comprehensive diagnostic process and individualized therapeutic approach for each patient. Our doctors and nurses speak English and are therefore able to take your personal requests into consideration.

Portrait von Prof. Dr. med. Matthias Karck
Prof. Dr. med. Matthias Karck

We specialize in

  • coronary bypass surgery,
  • heart valve surgery (mechanical and biological heart valve prostheses, hybrid prostheses, endovascular aortic valve replacement),
  • surgery on the large thoracic vessels,
  • heart rhythm surgery,
  • surgical therapy of terminal heart failure,
  • and surgery for congenital heart disorders.

Among the leading centers in Europe and Germany

The above-average quality of our services is demonstrated, for example, in the quality of our bypass surgery. In a Germany-wide comparison, the surgeons in Heidelberg received the best ratings. Patients who underwent surgery in Heidelberg had outstanding treatment outcomes.

In Heidelberg, all methods of modern bypass surgery are performed. In addition to conventional methods, a number of innovative surgical procedures, including minimally invasive methods, are available. Moreover, we offer various combinations of surgery with interventional methods using cardiac catheters, which heart surgeons and experts in the cardiology department (Medical Director: Prof. Dr. Norbert Frey) perform collaboratively.

The Department of Cardiac Surgery at the University Hospital in Heidelberg is also one of the leading centers in Europe in treatments using pacemakers and implantable cardioverter-defibrillators. We even count innovative methods among our routine interventions, such as the implantation of biventricular systems in the case of cardiac insufficiency. The patients we have treated successfully range in age from a few months to 98 years old.

  • Professor Dr. Matthias Karck Medical Director of the Department of Cardiac Surgery at Heidelberg University Hospital

    We wish you a pleasant stay and a quick recovery!

    Professor Dr. Matthias Karck Medical Director of the Department of Cardiac Surgery at Heidelberg University Hospital