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International Office Team

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The International Office Team handles all administrative matters for patients from abroad including support with treatment inquiries, cost estimates, visa support and appointments, final invoices and more. We are happy to help! 

Case managers

  • Portrait of Fatima ait Bari
    Fatima ait Bari
  • Portrait of Simone Bornschlegl
    Simone Bornschlegl

  • Simone Dippel
  • Portrait Meike Fegter
    Meike Fegter
  • Portrait Mahassen Ghoneim
    Mahassen Ghoneim
  • Portrait von Nicole Hensley
    Nicole Hensley
  • Portrait von Alla Kryshtopa
    Alla Kryshtopa
  • Alla Lemke
  • Portrait of Melanie Nadolny
    Melanie Nadolny
  • Portrait von Linda Radhan
    Linda Radhan
  • Natalia Raganian
  • Portrait von Simone Schäfer
    Simone Schäfer
  • Portrait of  Mylynn Dumlao
    Mylynn Wija


  • Marcus Gudera

    Head of Department of Patient Administration / International Office

  • Portrait von Marco Rieger
    Marco Rieger

    Lawyer (In-House Lawyer)
    Section Head | Administration / Case Management | International Office

Marketing advisors

  • Portrait Lucia Kleinhenz
    Lucia Kleinhenz

    Manager Marketing and Medical Collaborations

  • Alamir Makhmlji

    Manager Marketing and Medical Collaborations