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Metabolism and Hormones in Focus

A multitude of problems may arise when hormones and other substances in the body are out of balance. Often, care by specialists from various fields, as provided at Heidelberg University Hospital, is necessary.

Selected Areas of Expertise

Healing through innovation

Our youngest patients are cared for at the renowned Heidelberg Pediatric Metabolism Center, which is recognized both nationally and internationally as a cutting-edge institution in the diagnosis and treatment of congenital metabolic disorders. Here, blood samples from more than 130,000 newborns from various countries throughout the world, for example all newborns from Qatar, are tested each year for rare metabolic diseases and appropriate treatments are offered where needed.

There are also comprehensive care options available for adult patients. Experienced professors who are among the world’s leading specialists, together with their medical teams, are constantly updating their treatment standards to maintain them at the highest international level. They themselves are involved in the development of innovative and successful methods.