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Find the latest news and press releases about Heidelberg University Hospital in Germany and learn more about our medical departments, our state-of-the-art technology or new treatment options in Heidelberg.

  • Newly Established Section "Precision Oncology Urological Tumors"

    | 15.11.2018

    Prof. Anette Duensing leads the new Section, which offers improved diagnostic assessment, individualized therapies, and more accurate prognoses for patients with urological tumors.

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  • CAR T-cell therapy starts in Germany

    | 14.09.2018

    Heidelberg is the first center to offer CAR T-cell therapy in Germany | New cell therapy procedure to treat rare leukemias and lymphomas | Natural immune cells “learn” to attack tumor cells.

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  • From couching to laser scalpel

    | 01.08.2018

    150 years ago the Ophthalmology Department was founded - today the department under the Medical Director Prof. Dr. Gerd Auffarth, is aninternational leader in surgical procedures of the anterior eye, in implant and biomaterials research.

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  • Small cuts, big effect

    at the Thorax Clinic Heidelberg

    | 20.07.2018

    “Da Vinci X” System assists surgeons during lung and thoracic surgery / Robots provide three-dimensional views and great instrument mobility within the tightest spaces

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  • Better tumor visualization:

    First patient in Europe treated with new hybrid radiotherapy device MR-Linac

    | 19.07.2018

    Two become one: For the first time in Europe, Heidelberg implemented an “MR-Linac”, a new combination radiotherapy device which enables precise tumor imaging during radiation.

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