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Quality through certified interpreters

Clear communication between patient and medical staff is of great importance for the success of any treatment. In order to best support our patients with interpreters, interpreters active at Heidelberg University Hospital are certified. Interpreters with a successful certification provide qualified linguistic skills, regularly participate in medical training and are exclusively entitled to interpret medical dialogs. Physicians and most nurses of the Hospital are also fluent in English and are able to directly communicate in English.

Should patients not be proficient in the German or English language, it is important that an interpreter certified by Heidelberg University Hospital is hired in time by the patient for any required doctor’s consultations before treatment begins.

The interpreters active at Heidelberg University Hospital are freelancers or employed with service providers and bill their services directly to the patient. Within the scope of their certification, the interpreters have also disclosed their list of prices and services to Heidelberg University Hospital. Market rates for medical interpreting of common languages amount to approx. 35,- to 55,- euros/hour.

If you are a patient looking to hire a certified interpreter or if you have any questions, please contact the International Office (international.officenospam@med.uni-heidelberg.de; tel. 0049 - 6221- 56 6243).

Note for interpreters:

For information and questions on certification, please contact Mrs. Nicole Kirschenlohr (tel. 06221 56-6797;