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Heidelberg University Hospital named one of the World's Best Specialized Hospitals 2024

The internationally outstanding competence was once again confirmed

The World's Best Specialized Hospitals 2024 ranking awards the leading hospitals worldwide in 12 medical fields. In six specialties, Heidelberg Hospital even ranks among the TOP 100 and is in second place within Germany in several categories:

In addition, the hospital is one of the World's Best specialized Hospitals 2024 in pediatrics, urology, gastroenterology, orthopedics and endocrinology.

The Heidelberg Thoracic Clinic, which is part of Heidelberg University Hospital, also received awards in two categories. It is one of the largest hospitals in Europe specializing in the treatment of lung diseases and was ranked 24th in Pulmonology and 72nd in Oncology in the World's Best Specialized Hospitals 2024.

The lists are based on a global survey, to which tens of thousands of medical professionals (doctors, health care professionals and hospital managers) were invited in cooperation with "Newsweek".

A few months ago, Heidelberg University Hospital was named one of the 100 best hospitals in the world by Newsweek. In the ranking of the "World's Best Hospitals 2023", Heidelberg University Hospital was ranked 13th in a global comparison. 

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