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UPDATE (16.09.20) regarding the new Coronavirus (Sars-CoV-2)

Appointments for international patients requesting for treatment options are possible under the following conditions:

Before travelling to Germany:

  • Heidelberg University Hospital confirms the medical necessity and available capacities for treatment.

  • For patients and possibly (one) accompanying person from risk areas who do not show Covid-19 symptoms (see below), a negative test result on Covid-19 for entering Germany is mandatory. This test result must not be older than 48 hours when entering Germany and has to be provided to the treating department during the first appointment.

Upon arrival in Heidelberg:

Starting September 16, 2020, all electively admitted inpatients will have to show a negative Covid result before admission (not older than 48h before appointment).

Quarantine obligations:

  • Patients (inpatient and outpatient) from risk areas must quarantine themselves for 7-days in a hotel before first contact/appointment at Heidelberg University Hospital (exception: emergencies). On the 8th day another Covid-19 test is done. When negative, treatment can be started. Exceptions may apply if the patient has already been in Germany for 7 days prior to the initial consultation/admission and provides a negative Covid-19 test result (not older than 48 hours).

  • Accompanying persons from risk areas must quarantine themselves for 14 days in a hotel in Germany and must not visit the patient during this time (exception may apply for parents with children younger than 14 years). Furthermore, they have to personally report to the responsible health authority of his destination (e.g. public health authority of Heidelberg/Gesundheitsamt). Please note that there may be fines if these obligations are not met.

Please note that these requirements refer to legal regulations as well as hospital policies and apply to all patients / accompanying persons from risk areas as a rule.

Further information / links:

If you have further questions regarding travel restrictions / quarantine obligations, please contact

  • the Regional Council Stuttgart / Regional Health Office (Landesgesundheitsamt):
    +49 711 904-39555 (every day between 9 a.m. – 6 p.m) or
  • your regional health Office

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Avec ses 43 cliniques spécialisées, le Centre hospitalier universitaire de Heidelberg fait partie des principaux centres médicaux d'Europe.

Chaque année, plusieurs centaines de milliers de patients d'Allemagne et de l'étranger y bénéficient de traitements thérapeutiques de pointe. La haute qualité de la prise en charge est assurée par des professeurs de renommée mondiale, d'excellents médecins et des équipes de soins très engagées. De nouvelles méthodes thérapeutiques y sont mises au point et les dernières avancées dans le domaine des sciences biomédicales y sont rapidement mises en pratique afin que les patients puissent en profiter au plus vite.

Vous trouverez sur ce site des informations complètes concernant nos principaux axes thérapeutiques et les services proposés aux patients internationaux.

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