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Award for Heidelberg University Hospital: one of the best hospitals in Germany

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Heidelberg University Hospital is in sixth place in the nationwide hospital comparison by the news magazine FOCUS and thus in the first row of the "Top 100 Hospitals" 2024. For the FOCUS Clinic List 2024, more than 1,600 German hospitals with over 14,000 affiliated specialist clinics were analyzed using scientific methods in a national comparison. This makes the ranking the largest in the German-speaking world. 

In addition to evaluating the hospitals' structured quality reports (services offered, technical and personnel equipment, medical interventions performed), the analysts also researched the hospitals' participation in studies and their equipment with special devices. Safety and hygiene measures were also included in the evaluation and key data such as capacities and patient services were documented. In addition, over 17,000 expert recommendations from doctors in private practice and physicians from other hospitals were included in the study. 

"TOP National Specialist Hospital 2024"

The "TOP National Specialist Hospitals" were awarded in individual rankings according to medical specialties. This analysis includes the reputation of the facility as well as care and hygiene standards. 

The following clinics at Heidelberg University Hospital have been awarded this seal:

"Hospital for International Patients 2024"

The special focus on the needs of international patients, such as organizational support and the multilingualism of the team, was analyzed in addition to the professional competence of the hospitals. Heidelberg University Hospital demonstrated its expertise in all the specialist areas examined, from cardiology and oncology to orthopaedics, and was accordingly awarded the title “Hospital for International Patients”.

Information on services for international patients can be found on the website of the International Office at Heidelberg University Hospital.

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