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Treating Cancer with Ion Beam Therapy - Award for Scientific and Technical Director at HIT

Prof. Thomas Haberer, scientific & technical Director at the Heidelberg Ion Beam Therapy Center. For his scientific contributions in the development of ion beam therapy and technical breakthroughs in this field, he was awarded the IBA-Europhysics Prize...

Prof. Thomas Haberer, scientific and technical director of the Heidelberg Ion Beam Therapy Center

For years, cancer has been treated with chemotherapy or radiotherapy. However, this cancer treatment does not apply to all tumor types. Some tumor and cancer diseases are located too deep in the body or in very sensitive organs - for example, the optic nerve or the bladder. In these cases, tumors in such sensitive organs should treated with ion beams. The cancer treatment with Ion Beams at Heidelberg Ion Beam Center (HIT) is gentle, more precise and more effective than conventional cancer treatment such radiotherapy.

Prof. Thomas Haberer is scientific and technical director of the Heidelberg Ion Beam Therapy Center (HIT). For his scientific contributions and technical breakthroughs in this field, the European Physical Society (EPS) has now awarded him the IBA-Europhysics Prize. With this award, the EPS - an association of the 42 national European Physics Societies - honors outstanding contributions in applied nuclear physics every two to three years. The award ceremony will take place in September during this year's applied nuclear physics conference.


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Ion Beams Generator at Heidelberg University Hospital
percise cancer treatment with Ion Therapy for sensetive organ
Ion Beams Therapy at Heidelberg university Hospital
More information about the treatment of cancer with ion beams

Ion Beam Therapy Center at Heidelberg University Hospital

  • Targeted treatment of certain types of cancer precsie and gently  
  • Extensive experience in treating children and adolescents
  • Each Year 700 patients are treated in our center
  • Most of the patients have treatment on an outpatient basis (over 95%)
  • The duration of ion beam therapy per session: a few minutes to a maximum of 60 minutes

Which cancers/diseases are treated at the Ion Beam Therapy Center at Heidelberg University Hospital?

  • Brain tumors, e.g. glioblastoma, glioma, meningioma, pylocytic astrocytoma
  • Chordoma / Chondrosarcoma of the base of the skull or the pelvis
  • Cancers for which ion radiation is favorable, especially deeply placed tumors that can be treated effectively or those where particular care is necessary for the surrounding tissues
  • ENT tumors, e.g. paranasal carcinoma
  • Prostate cancer
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Liver cancer
  • Recurrent rectal cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Lymphomas, e.g. malignant mediastinal lymphomas

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