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Newly Established Section "Precision Oncology Urological Tumors"

Prof. Dr. Anette Duensing | Photo: Heidelberg University Hospital

November 2018

Prof. Anette Duensing leads the new Section, which offers improved diagnostic assessment, individualized therapies, and more accurate prognoses for patients with urological tumors.


In recent years, several genetic changes and molecular subgroups of urological tumors have been identified. These new discoveries have a major impact on treatment options, because the more treating physicians know about the tumor, the better they can recognize and target vulnerabilities. To account for these developments, the Department of Urology at Heidelberg University Hospital (Medical Director Prof. Dr. Markus Hohenfellner) has established the new Section "Precision Oncology Urological Tumors" under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Anette Duensing.

"The Section of Precision Oncology Urological Tumors helps patients receive individualized treatment using analysis of genetic changes of the tumor," says Prof. Dr. Markus Hohenfellner, Medical Director of the Department of Urology. This requires improved diagnostic assessment as well as identification of new traits that predict how well a patient will respond to specific therapies. "Our goal is to achieve maximum effects on the tumor while minimizing damage to the rest of the body," says Section leader Prof. Dr. Anette Duensing. Patients should also benefit from the development of new clinical studies in cooperation with the National Center for Tumor Diseases Heidelberg.

Another goal of the Section is - in close cooperation with outpatient and inpatient psycho-oncology - to research and improve understanding of the cognitive side effects of newer and already established forms of drug-based cancer therapy. "This aspect, which has received little attention so far, can markedly improve the quality of life for patients with urological tumor diseases and decrease the long-term consequences of tumor therapy," says Prof. Dr. Markus Hohenfellner.

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