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State of the Art Surgical Procedures in Lung Surgery

Professor Dr. Hauke Winter, Photo: Heidelberg University Hospital

July 2017

The Thoraxklinik, a subsidiary of Heidelberg University Hospital since 2011, gets a new Chief. Starting August 1 2017, Professor Dr. Hauke Winter takes office as the Medical Director of the Clinic and Director of the Department of Thoracic Surgery.

Thoracic surgery at Heidelberg focuses on oncologic as well as pediatric chest and emphysema surgery, which can be considered as therapy for end-stage hyperinflation disease. The Executive position is linked with the Professorship of Thoracic Surgery, which in Germany exists only in Heidelberg, Essen, and Freiburg. This combination of basic and clinical research as well as integration of the latest scientific results with patient care has already proven its value under Prof. Dr. Hendrik Dienemann, who left the hospital in June after 21 years.

Thoraxklinik Heidelberg is one of the oldest and largest lung specialty clinics in Europe, with a history of over 100 years. A clinic of maximum care capacity, with 310 beds and approximately 2,300 interventions per year, it is certified as a lung cancer center by the German Cancer Society. "The 860 employees of Thoraxklinik offer the highest level of patient care. We are pleased to continue our success of international top-quality medicine with Professor Dr. Hauke Winter," says Professor Dr. Annette Grüters-Kieslich, Executive Medical Director of Heidelberg University Hospital.

Outstanding research expertise in the field of tumor immunology

Professor Dr. Wolfgang Herzog, Dean of the Medical Faculty of the University of Heidelberg, adds: "At the Thoraxklinik, first-class research is carried out, for example in the framework of the German Center for Pulmonary Research, or together with colleagues of the National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT) and the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ). Here, Professor Winter will place new emphases, particularly in the field of cancer immunology."

Through close cooperation with the NCT and the DKFZ, the importance of the immune system in the development of lung tumors and its value for prognostic assessment will be be explored in the coming years. "Joint research offers us the unique opportunity to investigate, challenge scientifically, and possibly influence the role of the immune system in surgical patients," explains the new Chief.

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