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Find the latest news and press releases about Heidelberg University Hospital in Germany and learn more about our medical departments, our state-of-the-art technology or new treatment options in Heidelberg.

  • Novel X-Ray System EOS


    Novel x-ray system at the Orthopedics Department with up to 90 percent less radiation exposure for patients / full-body studies while standing with short imaging time / ...

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  • With new prosthesis on the walking course


    Technical Orthopedics at Heidelberg University Hospital extensively expanded for 3.5 million / 5,000 patients from all over the world receive interdisciplinary care.

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  • Thoraxklinik Heidelberg wins award


    Thoraxklinik at Heidelberg University Hospital wins award "Germany’s best clinics 2015" / Berlin specialist for patient satisfaction analyses prepares the ranking once a year and presents an award / Thoraxklinik has been evaluating feedback for 10 years to improve quality

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  • Who helps in cases of rare disease?


    According to the European definition, a disease is considered rare when fewer than 5 in 10,000 people suffer from it.

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  • Do you find it difficult to swallow pills?


    The right technique can solve the problem! For the first time, a trial conducted by Heidelberg University Hospital shows that two tricks can definitely make taking larger tablets or capsules easier.

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