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Administrative and financial matters are managed by the University Hospital’s International Office. The staff at the International Office always endeavors to ensure that all the necessary steps in the procedure are handled smoothly and promptly. If you have any questions about the cost estimate and the bill, please contact the International Office.

Cost Estimate

The medical documents that are submitted or the information about the disease will initially be reviewed by an experienced expert in the respective specialist area. A list of the anticipated costs of treatment will be prepared on the basis of the treatment recommendations. This is a provisional calculation, which is based on the medical examination results that are provided and it may differ from the actual costs.

If desired, we will send you a provisional appointment for treatment together with the treatment recommendations and the cost estimate. We will confirm this appointment upon receipt of the payment.

Payment Options

After you decided in favor of a medical treatment at Heidelberg University Hospital, we will ask you to transfer the total amount stated in the cost estimate to the account indicated for Heidelberg University Hospital.

Final bill

We will ascertain the costs of the services actually provided approximately six weeks after the end of the treatment. If they are less than the advance payment, we will reimburse the balance immediately. The final bill may necessitate making an additional payment in some cases, particularly if complications arise.

Embassy Patients

We accept payment guarantees from some embassies (Bahrain, Dubai, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia). Patients whose embassies pay the costs of their treatment are not required to make an advance payment.  Heidelberg University Hospital must receive a payment guarantee of the embassy in writing prior to the start of the treatment.

EU Social Security Agreement

Patients from countries participating in the EU Social Security Agreement may request the assumption of their medical treatment costs prior to treatment. This is how it works:

  1. Request the S2 form (formerly E112) from your healthcare insurance provider in your native country. The condition to be treated and the planned therapeutic procedure, to the extent that this is known, should also be entered into the form in English (for example, in-hospital diagnostic tests, operation, chemotherapy, proton and/or heavy ion therapy). Moreover, the treating hospital– Heidelberg University Hospital – and the period of validity (treatment period) should be entered into the S2 form.

  2. Send a copy of this form to a German statutory healthcare insurance provider of your choice. A list of German healthcare insurance providers to choose from can be found HERE. After reviewing the form submitted, you will receive an invoice form with an insurance number from the German healthcare insurance provider. The condition to be treated and the planned therapeutic procedure, to the extent that this is known (for example, in-hospital diagnostic studies, operation, chemotherapy, proton and/or heavy ion therapy) should also be entered here.

  3. To arrange for an appointment, please contact the treating medical department directly under (www.klinikum.uni-heidelberg.de) and send a copy of the invoice form to the respective medical department. As a rule, communication is possible in either German or English.
    Please note:
    In this case, the International Office is not your point of contact.

  4. On the first day of treatment, please bring the originals (S2 form and German invoice form / “Abrechnungsschein”) with you to the Admissions’ Office. We will then directly bill the costs to the healthcare insurance provider.
    Please note:
    According to the statutory regulations of the law pertaining to German social security law, namely § 39 (4) Social Code 5), insured persons have to pay a deductible amount of 10 euro for every calendar day in the hospital, but at most, for 28 days of in-hospital treatment.

Optional additional service “treatment by a physician of choice”

When the S2 form is used, the treatment provided is the so-called standard service (“Regelleistung”). This means that a team of physicians from the respective medical department will perform the treatment.

In addition, all patients have the possibility to be treated personally by the respective physician of choice and/or his or her deputy, and therefore, by the most experienced specialists. If you wish to have these services by a physician of your choice please contact the International Office, in order to receive a cost estimate for these optional services. Pre-payment is required for these additional services.

Please note:
For in-hospital treatments, an S2 form must be presented for the invoicing of in-hospital services, irrespective of the services rendered by physicians of your choice. You do not need to submit an S2 form if you desire private medical services (in other words, by physicians of your choice) for outpatient treatments.