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治疗 / 预约问询

治疗 / 预约问询


Attention - Corona Virus Update!

Status Feb 28, 2022

Due to the current development of the Covid-19 pandemic situation appointments for elective treatments of international patients can not be made before mid March 2022 and only subject to corresponding development of the pandemic situation in Germany.

For cost estimation and to check if a treatment option / appointment is possible, please submit a treatment inquiry using our contact form. The form can be completed in German, English or Russian.  Please note: Before submitting your data and uploading your medical documents, we kindly ask you to read the following Important Information & Required Documents for International Patients carefully and thoroughly. On the basis of the information received, our physicians will be able to provide you with a good-quality treatment offer. Since our internal processes require the form we are unable to process inquiries made by telephone or email.

Treatment inquiry & Cost Estimation

治疗 / 预约问询



  • 必要文件:最新的医疗报告
  • 放射科医生对CT/MRI/其他影像的诊断报告(视病症而定)
  • DICOM格式的CT/MRI/其他影像(视病症而定)
  • 其他可用的报告,例如病理报告、检验科报告



  • 德语或英语
  • 最新报告(不超过3个月;血液科病例:不超过3周)
  • 标明报告名称(例如:病理报告、结肠镜报告)
  • 每份报告必须显示日期和患者姓名(请使用公历日期,例如:日.月.年或01.02.2020)
  • 打印报告(不接受手写报告)



Physician in consultation with patient



Four physicians discussing in Hallway at Heidelberg University Hospital



Female doctor with stethoscope smiling



 Important Information & Required Documents

for International Patients at Heidelberg University Hospital

In order to forward your request we will need following documents:

  • A current and detailed medical report (i.e. a chronological overview of the patients medical history including the most recent findings)
  • If applicable, further medical documents depending on the department

If some necessary documents are missing, our staff will inform you about it.

In order to forward your case to the neurosurgery or neurology department we require following documents:

  •  up-to-date MRI images, which are not older than 3 months, including imaging report (Please note that we require images in the worldwide accepted DICOM image format (no jpeg or other image formats can be accepted)
  • up-to-date medical report (Ii.e. a chronological overview of the patients medical history including the most recent findings) 

In order to forward your request to our National Tumor Center we will need following documents:

  • histopathological report
  • current laboratory results (in prostate cancer cases: history of PSA values every 3 months since the first diagnosis)
  • surgery report (if surgery has been performed)
  • imaging (MRI, CT, PET-CT) in DICOM format including imaging reports (for uploading instructions click here: English and Arabic, German, Russian)
  • detailed medical letter or report not older than 3 months, i.e. a chronological overview of the patients medical history including the most recent findings:
    • date of first diagnosis
    • surgery (s)
    • chemotherapy protocols
    • radiation therapy protocols
    • and/or other treatment
    • description of patients current condition including height and weight
    • previous treatments

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