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Welcome to the Center for Gynecological Oncology at Heidelberg University Women’s Hospital!

Prof. Dr. med. Prof. h.c. Christof Sohn
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We treat patients suffering from 

  • ovarian cancer,
  • cervical cancer,
  • endometrial cancer,
  • vulvar and vaginal cancer,
  • and precancerous conditions of the ovaries, uterus, and vagina (dysplasia). 

The treatment of these cancers requires the intensive cooperation of experts from various medical disciplines. This interdisciplinary treatment team’s experience is decisive for the patient’s prognosis.

At the Center for Gynecological Oncology at Heidelberg University Women’s Hospital, all of the areas of expertise at Heidelberg University come together – the center is part of the National Center for Tumor Diseases in Heidelberg, an institution founded jointly by Heidelberg University Hospital, the German Cancer Research Center, and the Heidelberg Thorax Hospital, and supported by German Cancer Aid. The structure and objectives of the NCT are modeled on the successful US concept of a “comprehensive cancer center”, combining interdisciplinary patient care and cancer research under one roof.

Our patients benefit from interdisciplinary care by specialists from various disciplines and from modern, state-of-the-art treatment concepts. Complex illnesses are discussed at regular interdisciplinary tumor boards that might include, for example, surgeons, internists, urologists, radiologists, oncologists, pathologists, and specialists in nuclear medicine. We also make every effort to incorporate our patients’ wishes into our treatment regimens. 

We have been certified for our experience in the treatment of gynecological cancers – the European Society of Gynecological Oncology (ESGO) has recognized the University Women’s Hospital as a training center for gynecological oncology since 2008.

Our services include:

  • cytological, histological, and molecular diagnosis of the cancer, colposcopy, and the relevant imaging procedures,
  • interdisciplinary operative procedures and minimally invasive surgical methods,
  • intraoperative radiation in cooperation with the Department of Radiology at Heidelberg University Hospital,
  • conservative therapy (chemotherapy, hormone therapy, antibody therapy, immune therapy) in cooperation with the Department of Conservative Gynecological Oncology at NCT,
  • radiation therapy and nuclear medicine examinations in cooperation with the Department of Radiology at Heidelberg University Hospital and
  • modern, innovative therapy concepts within the setting of clinical trials.

Operative procedures are performed in four well-equipped, modern operating rooms at the University Women’s Hospital. Patients whose cancer has already spread to multiple organs are operated on by our specially trained physicians working jointly, depending on the situation, with proven experts in visceral surgery and urology. The University Women’s Hospital also has an outpatient surgery center.

A special focus at our center is on minimally invasive surgical techniques for gynecological cancers. For example, if there are no contraindications, we use laparoscopic surgery for treating cervical and endometrial cancer including pelvic and paraaortic lymphonodetomy. Due to the small incisions, the operation is easier on the patient and has fewer side effects, but with the same success rate as conventional open surgery.

In addition to medical treatment, we offer our patients cosmetic courses, music therapy, psychological care, physical therapy, relaxation training, and much more.

We would be happy to answer your questions at any time. Please contact us.

Prof. Dr. med. Prof. h.c. Christof Sohn

Managing Medical Director of the Heidelberg University Women’s Hospital

Dr. med. Joachim Rom

Director of the Center for Gynecological Oncology