Corona Virus Update

Regulations and quarantine obligations for international patients due to the corona pandemic.

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Corona Virus Update

Entries to Germany are permitted again for all travel purposes. However, persons residing in the People's Republic of China still need an important reason to enter Germany (due to reciprocity) - this does not apply to German citizens residing in the People's Republic of China. For entry into Germany, proof of vaccination, proof of convalescence or proof of testing is no longer required.

For areas of variant of concern (currently no states are designated as virus variant areas) further entry restrictions would apply.

Please inform yourself about the latest regulations.

1. the following applies to all visitors/accompanying persons at Heidelberg University Hospital:
- Wearing an FFP2 mask is mandatory during the entire stay. Persons who do not want to or cannot wear an FFP2 mask (regardless of the reason) will not be admitted. 
- Generally, only persons 6 years of age or older may visit/escort. 
- Visitors/accompanying persons must not have symptoms typical of COVID19. 
- Visitors/accompanying persons must not be in quarantine or isolation. 
- The patient to be visited must not be in quarantine or isolation himself/herself (exceptions in special cases, e.g. terminal care or parents of young children, are decided by the attending physicians).

2. visits to inpatients
- Patients may be visited between 2 p.m. and 7 p.m., exceptions see Section 2a. In addition to the exceptions described in Section 2a, visits may be made outside this time period, particularly to allow discussions between relatives and medical staff.
- Several visitors are allowed to visit a patient during the day, but no more than two visitors at a time per patient room.
- For all visitors - regardless of vaccination/gene status - a daily negative AGST is required (from the same calendar day). 
2a. Exceptions are possible in the following cases, for example, and should be confirmed in writing by the attending physicians:
- Relatives visiting a patient who is dying.
- Relatives of palliative patients
- A companion accompanying a pregnant woman during childbirth
- A guardian of a sick child
- For urgent medical reasons 
- Interpreters certified by Heidelberg University Hospital to interpret necessary conversations between patient and physician/nursing staff

3. accompaniment for outpatients / day inpatients
Outpatients and day inpatients come without escorts. Exceptions only in the following cases: 
- A parent or guardian for minor patients.
- One escort for patients admitted to the emergency room
- A accompanying person for frail patients or patients with dementia
- Interpreters certified by Heidelberg University Hospital to interpret necessary conversations between patient and physician/nursing staff

If you have further questions regarding travel restrictions / quarantine obligations, please contact

  • the Regional Council Stuttgart / Regional Health Office (Landesgesundheitsamt):
    +49 711 904-39555 (every day between 9 a.m. – 6 p.m) or
  • your regional health Office 

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