Corona Virus Update

Regulations and quarantine obligations for international patients due to the corona pandemic.

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Corona Virus Update

Attention - Corona Virus Update!

Status: June 17, 2021

Treatment offers and appointments for international patients are possible. Please note the regulations for quarantine & accompanying persons.

Please use our contact form and submit your data to the international office. 

Before travelling to Germany

For patients from a risk area or an area of variant concern

  1. Heidelberg University Hospital confirms the medical necessity and available capacities for treatment.
  2. For patients and possibly (one) accompanying person from a risk area or an area of variant of concern, ​​​who do not show Covid-19 symptoms (see below), a negative test result on Covid-19 is mandatory. Further information here.
  3. A digital registration before entering Germany is mandatory: 

Quarantine obligations

For patients and accompanying persons from a risk area / virus variant area

  • Patients who come for an urgent medical treatment and travel from a risk area are not subject to a quarantine if a negative Covid-19 test result can provided. Patients who travel from an area of variant of concern are always subject to a 14-days quarantine. Exceptions are not possible. Patients from high-risk/high-incidence areas, who come for non-urgent medical treatment are subject to a 10-day quarantine upon entry. This can be ended early if a past Covid-19 infection (PCR evidence 28 days to 6 months ago), a successful vaccination, or a negative test result can be confirmed - please contact the health department if you have questions . If entering from virus variant area, quarantine is extended to 14 days. This cannot be terminated prematurely.
  • Accompanying persons from risk areas must report in person to the responsible health authority at the destination (e.g. Heidelberg Health Office/Health Department). As a rule, a 10-day domestic quarantine (e.g. in a hotel) is ordered in accordance with the currently valid CoronaEinreiseV. This can be ended early if a past Covid-19 infection (PCR evidence 28 days to 6 months ago), a successful vaccination, or a negative test result can be confirmed. In case of entry from virus variant areas, the quarantine period is extended to 14 days and cannot be shortened. During this time accompanying persons are not allowed to visit the patient (exceptions may apply to parents with children under 14 years of age or when entering as a companion of a person in need of assistance - certificate required for entry).

Please note that these requirements refer to legal regulations as well as hospital policies and apply to all patients / accompanying persons from risk areas as a rule.

Visiting and accompanying regulations

  • Confirmation of accompanying Persons for International Patients: Heidelberg University Hospital initially issues a confirmation for a maximum of one accompanying person only once per patient (exception: parents for their child, if applicable).
  • If more than one accompanying person is to come to Heidelberg (outside the hospital), the patient or the embassy must clarify this with the relevant authorities (e.g. the Public Office of the City of Heidelberg). The UKHD does not issue a confirmation of necessity for additional accompanying persons. This also applies if accompanying persons wish to change.

For access to the hospital, the same rules apply for accompanying persons as for other visitors. You can find more information here.

Contact Health Office

If you have further questions regarding travel restrictions / quarantine obligations, please contact

  • the Regional Council Stuttgart / Regional Health Office (Landesgesundheitsamt):
    +49 711 904-39555 (every day between 9 a.m. – 6 p.m) or
  • your regional health Office 

Further information