Heidelberg University Hospital
International Office
Im Neuenheimer Feld 400
69120 Heidelberg


Phone +49 6221 56 6243
Fax +49 6221 56 33955
E-mail: international.office@med.uni-heidelberg.de


We are able to provide information in the following languages:
German, English, Arabic, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, French


How to find us:

The International Office is on the first floor of the Head Hospital, opposite the neurological outpatients department. Please follow the signs.



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Simone Bornschlegl
Case Manager
(Department of Surgery)

Nicole Hensley
Case Manager

Alla Kryshtopa
Case Manager




Alla Lemke
Case Manager

Linda Radhan
Case Manager

Simone Schäfer
Case Manager




Melanie Nadolny

Case Manager

Natalia Raganian

Case Manager

Fatima ait Bari

Case Manager


Dilek Alisan

Case Manager

Cathrin Hollenbach

Team Secretary

Marcus Gudera
Head of Department of Patient Administration / International Office

Marco Rieger
Head of Administration International Office

Kerstin Ammon
Senior Manager
Marketing and Medical Collaborations

Sina Gerach

Marketing and Medical Collaborations

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