Welcome to the Metabolism Center at the Center for Child and Adolescent Medicine in Heidelberg

Professor Dr. Georg F. Hoffmann
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For over 40 years, our department has specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of inherited metabolic diseases. Our team, consisting of physicians specialized in pediatric metabolic diseases, specially trained nursing staff, dieticians, psychologists, and (bio-)chemists, treats more than 500 patients with all types of congenital metabolic diseases every year.


Congenital metabolic disorders if not detected can lead to organ damage, physical or mental disability, and even death. The symptoms are varied and often not specific: They range from serious crises after birth with loss of consciousness, seizures, respiratory disorders, or organ failure, to physical and mental developmental disorders. Many of these diseases are treatable today, especially if they are diagnosed early enough.


With our cutting-edge technical equipment and our many years of experience in clinical treatment, we are able to conduct targeted diagnostic procedures. We have two laboratories in which we regularly use special biochemical methods that you will find in very few hospitals in the world.



We treat patients suffering from



Parents can be accommodated on the metabolic ward in the patient’s room or in a parent room. There are also a number of private accommodations available in the vicinity. 


You can contact us via the International Office or directly at the hospital director’s office (Tel.: ++49-6221-56 4100 or Email: georg.hoffmann@med.uni-heidelberg.de).


Our emergency hotline at 0049-6221-56 4002 / 4003 is always available in cases of acute metabolic imbalance.



Professor Dr. Georg F. Hoffmann

Chairman of the Center for Child and Adolescent Medicine in Heidelberg


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