Welcome to the Department of Neuro-oncology at the Neurology Center at Heidelberg University Hospital

Professor Dr. Wolfgang Wick
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Together with the Neurology, Neuroradiology, and Neurosurgery Departments, we make up the Heidelberg Neurology Center. For you, this means interdisciplinary care at one site by specialists in neuro-oncology, neurology, neurosurgery, neuroradiology, and radiation oncology in close cooperation with the National Center for Tumor Diseases in Heidelberg.


Our aims are


The Department of Neuro-oncology was established in 2007 and is the first independent university department in Germany for the treatment and research of tumor diseases affecting the nervous system. These include primary brain tumors, brain metastases, and diseases of the nervous system that are caused either by tumors outside the nervous system or by their treatment.


We treat our patients in a specialized ward with 16 beds and in a day clinic. In 2008, we hospitalized 800 patients and treated 1,000 outpatients.


Treatment is provided according to the most up-to-date therapy standards and in clinical trials that study the benefits of new drugs for the treatment of brain tumors. In addition, we work with the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg to develop new treatment strategies for brain tumors. In cooperation with the Department of Neurology, our specialists also develop treatment plans for multiple sclerosis patients. 



Patient care


We offer diagnosis and consulting before surgery as well as postoperative care and treatment of patients with



Our services include comprehensive consulting in neurology, oncology, neuropsychology/psycho-oncology, chemotherapy, and experimental tumor therapy, the treatment of epileptic seizures or tumor pain, the integration of inpatient and outpatient treatment plans, and palliative medical care. In addition to nursing and medical care, physical therapy, speech therapy, and psycho-oncology play an important role here.


Do you as an affected patient, family member, or family doctor have any questions regarding the treatment of neuro-oncological diseases? Please contact us – we would like to help.





Professor Dr. Wolfgang Wick

Medical Director of the Department of Neuro-oncology at the Neurology Center at Heidelberg University Hospital


For more information in German or English, see Homepage of the Neurooncology Department and Homepage of the German Cancer Research Center.

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